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Origin: Mainland China
Country/Region of Car Manufacture: China
Material Type: ABS PLASTIC
Special Features: Hub caps
Interchange Part Number: Tesla Model 3 wheel
Other Part Number: For tesla model 3
Feature1: Tesla Model 3
Feature2: Hub cap Original Car Replacement
Feature3: 18-Inch Automobile Hubcap
Feature4: model 3 wheel cap kit
Feature5: center wheel cap
Feature6: Whirlpool hub
Feature7: wheel cap kit
Feature8: Tesla model 3 2021
Feature9: Tesla model 3 2022
Feature10: for tesla model 3
Feature11: 4PCS for Tesla Model 3 18 Inch Hub Cap
Feature12: Original Car Replacement Wheel Cap
Feature13: Automobile Hubcap Full Cover Accessories 2021 2022
Feature14: 4PCS for Tesla Model 3 18 Inch Hub Cap Performance
Feature15: tesla model 3 2022
Feature16: tesla model 3 wheel cover
Feature17: tesla rims
Feature18: tesla model 3 2022 accessories
Feature19: hubcaps tesla model 3
Feature20: enjoliveur 18 pouce tesla model 3
Feature21: model 3
Feature22: tesla model 3 hubcap
Feature23: tesla model 3 wheel cap
Feature24: tesla model 3 18 inch wheel cap
Feature25: for tesla
Feature26: model 3 wheel cover
Feature27: rim cap
Feature28: model 3 wheel cover 18
Feature29: model 3 wheel cover 18 inch
Feature30: tesla model 3 accessories
Feature31: tesla 3
Feature32: tesla model 3 wheel
Feature33: uberturbines wheel covers model 3
Feature34: tesla model 3 uberturbine wheels cover
Feature35: 4pcs for tesla model 3 18 inch hub cap

Wheel Cap for Tesla Model 3 18 Inch 2018-2023

kr 3 090,50Pris
MVA Inkludert
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